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Surely you have heard of it, or you will surely read on the Internet the ability to earn, and also very roulette online casino.




But can you really make money with online roulette ?

There are a lot of differing opinions on the web, some say yes, others that it is a rip off and so on.
Well I can tell you that I found the answer and that the gains are real!

But how?

Everyone is talking about this technique of doubling , 100% safe , and you're sure to win !
But what happens when they go out for 5-6 times the numbers of the same color ? It seems that this
What can happen but rarely tell you from experience it is not so !
The gradual climb as you 'll see now is very soon to become hundreds of Euros !
   € 1
   € 2
   € 4
   € 8
   € 16
   € 32
   € 64
   € 128
As you can see 7 laps of the same color and you have already spent more than 200 € .

But then how should I do to win at Roulette?

Simple, we're going to get when they come out to 2 times the numbers of the same color .
Well you say ! It's always the same thing, you want to change ? And that's where you're wrong !
If you are roulette experts know very well that it happens many times that the numbers come out the same
color , that two of different color. Or in simpler words :
N = black
R = red
It 's very likely to come out a sequence like this:
N, R , R, R , N, N, R, R
That a sequence like this:
N, R , N, R , N, R , N, R
Honestly succession as the second even I have never seen .

But then how should I play to win ?

Now we get down to it then . The technique to be applied to the roulette game would be:
- Let's open our electronic roulette ;
- Choose a color ( red or black) ;
We focus on the EUR - 1 the chosen color ;
- If we win we gain 1 euro net in more than played ;
- We are aiming for a new € where we won on the same color .
If we're going to lose twice the amount we have to play played before on color
opposite. And so on to the win . Once we start winning again.
I recommend to always play on the opposite color when we lose and the same
when we win .

But why this guide should work ?

It works because we are not going to play against the succession, but in favor of it .
Virtually all those who play the ruolette play on the same color .
In layman's terms but rich in meaning:
When others will lose WE WILL GO TO WIN !


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