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Here we are at the Football section .
Here we describe the techniques they use more experienced bettors and how to put them into practice and WIN
If you want to bet that becomes your job you are on the right place!
Let's start :

1 Technique of doubling

This technique is one of the most used worldwide .
Is to look for matches with odds equal to or slightly greater than 2.00 . Once you have found must proceed with his bet . In the case of a win double the invested capital , if unfortunately we were wrong we need to double the amount bet so as to double the invested capital and therefore also recover the investment the previous year.
Let's take a practical example :
Suppose you bet on a share of € 10.00 to 2.00 (out of about 5 times 7).
So 10x2 = € 20.00
We have doubled the amount invested earning € 10.00 net .
Suppose you lose and then double the investment.
10x2 = € 20.00 lost
20x2 = won € 40.00
As you can see playing this way once we go on to win earn € 10.00 and recover the money invested (even those lost earlier).

2 Technical 1X2

Would you like to win and playing on guadgnare ' 1, X , 2 of the same game?
Well you can do with this technique . Let's see how :
As you already know there are many betting agencies in the world and the odds of these agencies are different from each other.
The secret lies in the ' go to find the games that have quotas with which you can split your investment between 1 and X 2 and earn more than the amount wagered.
Let's take a practical example.
New Castle vs Tottenham :
1 from Betitaly 3:32
X Eurobet 3:45
2 by William Hill 2:50
Suppose you invest € 1,000.00 , so we should divide them :
€ 303.91 cover 1
€ 292.46 on the X
€ 403.59 on 2
The total income of any of the 3 coupons would be € 1,008.98 .
As you can see you have earned € 8.98 without risking to lose.
This is just an example , think about how many games there are in the day and the opportunity to gain from them due.

3 Technical 1X/X2

This technique consists in going to find 8 matches that have a clear favorite .
As you know Big in a form rarely loses , however, often escapes the X that makes us jump the ticket .
Thanks to the new system (I use William Hill for them ), you can combine different results from the same team on a single ticket.
Once identified, we go to the big place our coupon in this way :
- Vinventi play all the favorites ;
- We're going to select a draw .
At this point comes from a system 256 bets.
Playing € 0.25 bets out a total of € 64.00 .
If we leave all the favorites win , which corresponds to a little more than the amount bet, but if you check some X multiplier rises dramatically up to even € 30,000 / € 40,000.


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